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Chap 2

That morning the boys ate breakfast at a quiet diner out of the hustle and bustle, trying to keep out of the publics eye. Of course fans being fans, they were found out by some. While others kept a distance, braver ones ventured up for autographs. Patrick and Pete kept getting interrupted, mouthful of waffle and orange juice, but this is what they had signed up for in doing something they loved and they appreciated every bit of support they got, which seemed to overrun their haters. Yet sometimes peace would be okay.
"Our lives will never be the same you know?" Joe said as the last fan walked off grinning "I mean its going to get worse and we just are starting out".
"Too bad they don't have that in the contract" Pete mumbled, mouthful.
"Well its more you two than us" Andy said smiling.
Patrick and Pete frowned back. Course them, they would have to be center of attention and only they both knew what that would bring. Their privacy would be destroyed, every waking your, tried to be documented by the media like some curse blessed upon them. Then how would they hide their secret?
Joe walked off as the left boys returned back to their meal in silence, enjoying that they had. After their meal they would be driving all the way to Chicago for the concert there that night. Their time was already cutting deep and they could not afford any slip ups. So far they hadn't had to cancel any plans, but as fatigue and lack of sleep was catching up it would be an issue and Pete's Insomnia was always a case.
"Andy its your turn to drive" Pete said dropping the car keys next to his vegetarian platter.
Andy cringed but grabbed the keys and pulled out a map from his jacket, trying to sort out the fastest route from their destination "Anyone got a damn compass?".
Pete sighed tiredly and rested his chin on Patrick's shoulder who gently rubbed his leg in comfort under the table. Traveling, not sleeping and living off caffeine was almost killing Pete and if he wasn't a perfect example of a real life Zombie on certain days. All Pete could do in response was squeeze Patrick's knee and give him a deep look that was quickly interrupted by Joe throwing a paper into the middle of the table. All four of them inspected the title of the main headline 'Blood Drainer still on the lose'.
"What the fuck?" Andy said in confusion.
The article read a bizarre tale, something you'd almost only here in horror or thriller movies. For the past week, bodies in numerous states were appearing in alleys and streets. Out of all states more bodies had been found in Chicago. To make it more alarming they had been drained of every inch of their blood. Even though the only evidence on the victims was puncher wounds to their neck the media was refusing to believe these were real vampire attacks. As they had calmly put it they believed someone was killing them but only reenacting that of a vampire. This still brought their puzzling thoughts of how someone could drain a whole body of blood through two puncher wounds and no spot of blood was left behind. But the more obvious question of everyones mind? How could this person travel about 20 states in one night? There was absolutely no logic in that.
"Now that just aint right" Andy said looking at them all.
Pete squeezed Patrick's hand under the table, seeing the worry in his face.
This was something messed up, but they couldn't let something like this phase them from their tour. After their breakfast they all checked up their van and trailer before being their journey to Chicago. Patrick was relieved to be heading back to his hometown. He still felt homesick, nothing that a visit to his old suburb wouldn't cure. While Andy drove, focusing entirely on the highway ahead of them and open land filled occasionally with animals, Joe boogied around in the front seat to the music he kept constantly changing. When he got bored with his constant changing enough to get a swearing from Andy, he'd spin around in the passenger seat to annoy Pete. Being the youngest he was a complete live wire. Of course that was guessing he hadn't smoked anything before they had left. Andy being the mature and quiet one, managed to keep him in a right order, usually.
Pete playfully whacked his arms at Joe, trying to snatch the bag of Doritos he had beside him. Pete was the almost eccentric one, a bottle of moods and emotions. His cockiness was nothing compared to his adoring nature.
Patrick watched quietly, half asleep leaning against the door of the van. The vibrations hurt his head, but he was too tired to stand it. Pete looked at him quickly with a smile before grabbing the packet of chips and stuffing them in his mouth, causing Joe dismay.
Patrick didn't notice when he drifted off, but he sure knew when he was in dreamland. His dreams were dark, skinny creepy figures walking past him. He looked down avoiding the shadows and found he was holding a rose. It was white creating a light, a beautiful and pure white than he'd ever seen. With his head still down he walked. He didn't know where, but on his side he could feel unearthly presences. He felt exposed and like some scared child, but he kept on walking. A dove flew out of the darkness in a beam of light, dropping a feather on him. White, purity, human the words whispered through his ears on the wind of the doves wings. He looked at the rose again, shocked. The rose was now pink still beaming, little thorns appearing. This time the darkness darkened, the air a little bit tighter to breathe. The feeling of as if he was trudging through snow. Out of the darkness strolled a fox. It walked past him, with a flick of its tail. Pink, half doomed and half sweet, in between. The words were whipped away as the fox merged into the darkness. Now the air around him grew tighter. He could only blindly walk in the dark, straining to walk as if he was in a thick swamp. He looked at the rose it was blood red, now with sharp thorns. He gasped as his pricked his finger and a drop of his blood splashed on the ground with a petal. A familiar figure appeared out of the darkness. Pete.
"Pete" Patrick said, his voicing echoing.
Pete stopped in front of him. Patrick handed him the rose and Pete retrieved it, sniffing the center. There was something not right with Pete. He didn't look well. He looked too pale. Too dark and depressed. Too scary. With a chill Pete whispered into his ear "Red, blood, evil, immortality. You should have stayed with the white. Now you're in the danger zone". With that Pete kissed him. The kiss tasted of blood and horror making Patrick pull away and stumble. He suddenly could see. A trail of blood trailed to a gun which lead from him. He was now wearing rough clothes, looking as if he'd fought his own battles. Pete was dressed in darkness, his eyes black. A vampire. A trail of blood from him lead to a body not far. If Patrick tried hard enough maybe he could imagine they were petals as the rose died in Pete's hand. With a swift move Pete slapped Patrick. The impact sending him into the shadows of the ground.
He screamed as the smokey shadows drowned him, suffocating him, strangling him, spilling blood, spilling life.
Patrick screamed as he woke up, his breathing in deprived grasps. Pete grabbed him and hugged him close.
"Its okay baby shh" he whispered rocking Patrick in comfort "Shh Patrick, its okay, I'm here. Nothing can harm you".
"Whats wrong? Is he okay" Andy shouted, desperate to pull over.
"He's fine" Joe said staring at Patrick looking frightened "He just had a nightmare".
"It sounded like he was getting murdered back there".
"He's okay just shhh".
Patrick snuggled up into Pete, needing his comforting smell and arms to calm the shaking. What had he just dreamed? It didn't make sense at all.
Patrick looked up at Pete as he ran fingers through the boy's hair, lips pressed against his forehead.
"You okay Patrick? You terrified me".
The boy just blinked at him. Nothing about his boyfriend was remotely evil or un-normal. All this talk had just freaked out his imagination. There was nothing to worry about. He had to relax.
He took a deep breath and huddled up against Pete. Now he was the one who needed Pete to take away the dreams of pain.
The rest of the journey seemed to drag on for ages. All four boys becoming restless and agitated. Paddocks flashed past along with traffic. It just never ended. A few times they stopped for a stretch and snack. Away from the others eyes Pete took the oppertuntity to give Patrick quick kisses. Patrick would push him away, but Pete was a little to demanding.
"Just stay still for one second" Pete laughed as Patrick tried to slide to the grass at the back of the van to escape Pete's clutches.
Damn Pete met him on the ground, pressing his lips hard to Patrick, squishing him into the bummer. Once those lips were on him he was powerless and defenseless.
"Horny bastard" Patrick grumbled.
"You know me too well" Pete laughed.
Patrick smiled and laughed to. He forgot all about the dream he'd had. Pete pulled him back to his feet and leant against the back of the van. Patrick took the spot next to him, trying to look at where Pete was looking. The clouds above them now threatened snow. They better be get going.
Pete grabbed Patrick and gave him one more quick kiss, before the returned to their musty cramped, chip smelling van. Eventually they finally made it to Chicago. Never had they been relieved to see a city.
Patrick pressed up against the window, trying to remember everything he passed. How much had it changed? How much did he remember? This was his city.
He slumped back into the seat with a content sigh, grinning at Pete.
"Im so tempted to meet your parents again" Pete whispered.
Patrick looked mortified "We're not telling them".
Pete frowned and nodded, taking out a mobile that had seen better days. Patrick watched the road ahead, feeling slightly bad. He tried not to dwell on it as the skyrise buildings began to appear. The streets were crowded with people. Just how he remembered it. He was finally back home. And beyond relieved.

Chap 1

He could feel the breath on his neck, only centimeters closer and he'd feel those moist lips, but as always it was replaced with a screaming of fans and the pouring instruments vibrating through the soles of his feet. Patrick Stump straightened up his neck and stamped his foot hard to the beat, watching briefly on the corner of his eye as his bassist Pete Wentz skipped across stage, red hair bobbing. 

There wasn't much to be said about them or the band. A little young suburban band they were touring the states on not enough money to even stay at a hotel, residing to their van which had seen better days before the four of them had taken over. Joe Trohman was spinning like a tornado and Andy smashing to the beat as Patrick shouted the words that seemed to captivate the clubful. Teens who had snuck out, fake ID's, scene kids, punksters, fangirls and boys screaming at once, hands begging to touch even a show lace. He'd never expected at age 18 to have his own fans, worshipping each word that he spoke even if it was like a curse. 

But no more than him lapping up the energy was Pete. He was acting himself more than ever. He worked the fans to the max, screaming into his microphone and shouting over their hysterical screams. 

He smiled at him, blushing as Pete caught him looking. Stumbling on a verse, slipping on a chord. Pete gave a little silent laugh and skipped off somewhere behind him. As long as Pete didn't cloud his line of vision he could continue. 

He closed his eyes and got lost in the music. Nothing could compare to the energizing feel that fueled his senses. It was exhausting, enough for sweat to soak his forehead and body, but he wouldn't have it either way. 

The heat was almost unbearable under his truckers cap that just covered his eyes from the crowd that made him so nervous. His hands felt sweaty and sore on the guitar, but this was the price he wanted to pay. It was everything he'd wanted. To be with the band that meant the world to him.

When the amps finally stopped flowing with music he finally let out a loud sigh to himself and smiled shyly at the crowd surround him. They were like an out of control wave, wanting, begging for more, but they had all put everything into that performance and walked off stage feeling high and excited. Joe and Andy slipped off leaving Patrick with a pat on the back and cheers, trembling with nerves and excitement from the concert. He tried to slow down his breathing and settle into the after life. 

He wiped his brow and grabbed a bottle of cool water. A quick shower and then him and the band would wonder dangerously into the swarm of adoring fans. More horrible nerves. 

His body still wasn't used to this much interaction with people. It could be almost too much.

"Heey" Patrick heard a horse deep voice say next to him.

He jumped into the wall as Pete appeared next to him smiling that daunting smile. The smile that made him feel warm inside.

"Fuck Pete, don't do that" he said, rubbing his shoulder.

Pete laughed and pressed up closer against Patrick, making sure he was stuck hard against the wall.

"You did an amazing job tonight" Pete whispered, fingers twirling in an escaped strand of the boy's hair.

"You always say that" Patrick said blushing, eyes darting around the room, ears alert "Someone could walk in here right now".

They had both made a pact to keep their relationship underground. Not even Joe and Andy knew or suspected a thing. They believed it was better that way. Patrick with his teenage love could have been anyone, at least thats what the fans believed. Pete could have any girl he wanted, especially with his flirting handsome ways, so thats what the fans thought. Except all was false. They had each other in a secret that would sure shatter the band if it was uncovered and Pete more than ever would not let anyone make a laughing stock over his boyfriend. He just wouldn't allow it.

The dreaded sweating had returned to Patrick's hands with the queazy stomach and dry mouth. This was all still so new to him, but he liked Pete, a lot. More than he knew he ever should.

 It's just a stupid 17 year old crush he had once told himself. He'd felt like some stupid fangirl when the band had first started. Pete had just been something different, something that had made him feel different and strange. He'd make him blush, make him stumble over his own feet, but make him feel so special for his voice. He'd dream sweet dreams about Pete while hiding under his sheet covers sometimes watching Pete sleep in the van. It was wrong. He didn't tell anyone, not even his parents. He couldn't, he was embarrassed. He'd never felt love, never thought he could love a guy. And then one night at a club he quickly kissed Pete on the cheek. He hadn't expected more. He hadn't expected Pete to react. He'd seen boys that were much more lookers than him kiss Pete, but made it was the alcohol in Pete's system but the guy kissed him back on the lips. Pretty much after that nothing much was discussed. They just kinda became an item. It had been a bit weird. He had been under the legal age and even though it was nothing more than gentle kisses on the cheek or lips it had still felt wrong, but now it seemed right.

"So?" Pete whispered sneering "I wouldn't mind walking in on us" he gentlely brushed his lips against the corner of Patrick's mouth.

Patrick mentally kicked himself as he felt his knees almost give way. He hated when Pete teased him. It confused and frustrated him, especially when he did it in serious situations. 

"Anyway I'm tired" Pete said, his lover just realizing the exhaustion in his eyes "I'll go meet some fans and then head back to the van. Don't be to long okay? I don't want to keep having these dreams".

Pete had nightmares. Lots of them. Horrible, terrifying, traumatizing. He always wanted someone there to hug, to tell him that nothing would hurt him. That someone was usually Patrick. He even said Patrick just touched his hand could take away the nightmares that hurt him. 

"I won't" Patrick said quietly gently squeezing Pete's hand in comfort.

Pete smiled and walked off to the crowd. Somedays he'd never shower. Just meet the fans as he was. He always smelt good, never sweaty unlike himself. 

In a rush the boy washed himself, settled for a clean pair of casually clothes and found himself walking into a crowd of hysterical fans. Papers and cameras shoved at him, pens scribbling signatures, camera flashes with exposed grins. "I love yous" and "You are my inspiration" were said. Gifts given with excited tears. The atmosphere tired him enough to even break into sweat. His smiles and hugs were shy, his voice awkward and stuttering. That was not an ideal rock star.

After a load of love and praising Patrick wondered hopelessly back to their van. Hopefully that show they would have made enough money to stay at a cheap hotel at least and with Winter approaching they needed the money more than ever. 

A cold Autumn chill pricked the air and even the hoodie, jacket and scarf wasn't doing him justice as he walked to the van parked quietly next to the hall. A light frost had settled in for the night, warning everyone that wilder weather would return. The windows of the van were fogged up making him crave warmth. 

He slid open the side door greeted by warm and a quite beat of music that Pete was listening to. He was huddled in the second row of seats, wrapped in a warm blanket lip syncing to himself. It had to be a Cure song. The Perfect Boy.

Pete smiled as Patrick climbed in shivering, the warmth so slowly thawing out his joints. 

Without warning Pete grabbed Patrick and squashed him against him, surrounding him in warm blankets, his arms wrapped around Patrick's slim body. The caught-off-guard boy melted into his boyfriend's hold and relaxed against him.

"I miss moments like this. We never get them".

Patrick snuggled into Pete, the familiar smell destroying what nerves he still had. Right now, this simple moment was just perfect. Just him and Pete.

"Where are Andy and Joe?" Patrick asked.

"Rick, can't we have one time together when you aren't asking when they are returning or paranoid they might find us?"

He couldn't help it. He just didn't want a soul to know.

"And just relax" Pete breathed slowly, his voice still sounding sore.

His voice was replaced with a gentle massaging of lips down Patrick's neck. Pete's cool fingers were lightly pulling away the warm scarf yet his skin still remained warm.


"I wanted to kiss you so bad on stage tonight. You've cursed me good".

The boy smiled closing his eyes at the bliss of Pete's kisses. It made him shy to know how much he wanted to be kissed to even be touched, but he knew Pete would never rush him or force him. He was perfect that way. 

Pete's lips were soon on Patrick's, tongues beginning to explore each other. Patrick only wished he could bottle the taste. Pete's cold hands were cupping Patrick's burning blushed skin, very gently biting down on the boy's bottom lip who let out a moan.

"The things you do to me Patrick I swear…"

Patrick felt like his face would melt off. He could have never imagined someone talking like that about him. He wasn't special, he was just a singer.

Pete kissed Patrick's forehead and held him close. The warmth was now toasty, but Patrick did not kick off the blanket.

"You know a girl proposed to me tonight" Pete said giving a little laugh "Had the vows set out and even the ring, but I don't think Burger Rings count".

Patrick gave a little laugh and looked up at him. He was so perfect. It was no wonder everyone wanted him and sometimes it scared him that Pete would grow tired of him, that maybe Pete would find someone much more attractive and giving. He couldn't lose Pete, not now. 

"But I had to turn her down" Pete said hugging his boyfriend tighter "She was nice and pretty, but no she's not Patrick".

The boy glowed with happiness and snuggled up to Pete, closing his eyes tightly. The music seemed to blend into the background of Pete's fingers gently running through his hair as he quickly disposed of his hat. He smiled to himself as every so often Pete would mumble about something he didn't understand. All he knew was he felt beyond safe with Pete, as if nobody could reach or touch him. But that was Pete. He stuck up for his friends even if it led him to a fight. The fights that made Patrick almost cry. He hated to see that guy hurt and injured. He wished himself he was so brave and tough, but no he was an average shy boy who could be mistake for being 16 without trying. 

"No one will ever replace you. I love you forever. As long as I walk this Earth".

Patrick clung onto Pete tighter, wishing he could find the right words to say, but like always he had nothing. Nothing seemed right, it all seemed too stupid. All he did was hold on tightly to his boyfriend even until his mind carried them both off into a dreamless sleep.

That time of year was here. The time of year that should bring people closer together, that was a time of buying and giving gifts, that was also a time of festive season. The city was covered in a layer of snow up to peoples ankles and fires were lit to bring rooms to a toasty mood. Yeah it was a pretty fun time of the year. Christmas, for what the original meaning was forgotten and sprayed with materialism. The streets glowed with streetlights amongst the cold dull snow and people trudged from shop to shop getting last minute gifts. One of them being Patrick who walked out of the mall, looking for his parked car, clinging onto plastic bags of Christmas gifts for his friends. People were rushing around like ants before a rain, trying to catch the bargins before it was too late. Windows and shops were decorated with "Best wishes for the season" and "Merry Christmas" signs, sprayed with spray paint and stenciled holly and Santa Claus. Some shops cared to stay to the traditional with religious images and music. 

A bitter chill bit into Patrick's face making his cheeks and his nose flame red. He was snuggled up in a fluffy scarf, a huge black petticoat covering layers of warm clothes and big snow boots and a wooly hat. Somewhere buried beneath a thin layer of snow was his blue car, icing by the second. he eventually found it, scrapping snow off the window like everyone else nearby was resorting to. He couldn't help vent is frustration as he slammed close the car door and drove off in a huff, chains on the tires clinging to he ground dangerously. He'd hit a dilemma. He'd managed to score presents for each of his friends and family, well that was all apart from Pete. He had no idea what on earth he could give Pete. The guy that had recently being unsettling his stomach and twisting his mind. He did not in anyway approve. So what could he get him? Well, nothing seemed to good enough. This is why he hated this time of year.

He drove calmly, singing along to the millions of Christmas songs streaming on the radio stations, what he;d be hearing for the past week. Another year had been and came. It was quiet unsettling. He was planning a quiet Christmas by himself and lets not forget his dog Penny, but he actually hadn't made any plans which probably he would end up regretting with the friends he had. They were all exchanging presents at Gabe's house so it was a relief, however he couldn't help feel lonely as he pulled up to his winter spoiled house. 

He let out a breath and stared at the bags of gifts. He hoped they all liked them. With dead effort he carried the bags inside and began to sort them out. Wrapping paper and bows littered the ground. Blue ink stained his pale skin as he scribbled wishes into cards. When they were done he packed them up and left them in the spare room. Penny bounded in, slipping swiftly under the Christmas tree and leapt playfully at him. Tinsel had being tied like a collar around her neck. 

Patrick lifted her up and hugged her tightly as she snuggled against him. She was the only girl he needed and seemed content with anything. 

He jumped in fright as the doorbell ran and fumbled to try and cling onto a spazzing dog who thrashed in his grasp, barking hysterically.   

"Dammit Penny" he shouted as the dog fell on the ground after slashing his arm with sharp claws.

Patrick wearily opened the door and gave a smile as Gabe and Pete stood their, arms playfully linked. The cuteness was all in their height difference and maybe in the cheesy grin Pete was giving.

"Well hello sir" Pete said shoving Patrick to the side and dragging Gabe behind "After we didn't get any replies from you we decide to investigate".

He didn't want to bring up the fact his mobile lay somewhere in his room completely flat, filled up with messages from a panicking Pete and forced Gabe. He'd let his friend go on a rampage or he'd burst. His friend eyed up the few decorations Patrick had scattered on the walls and the little Christmas tree in the corner.

"Want something to drink?" Patrick asked.

Time is a funny thing. One minute can drag on and on it seems a never ending train that won’t stop. Sometimes time can happen so quickly your mind can’t keep up with any of it. In all cases no matter what time is a valuable thing. You can never replace it. Yet, however the case may be, time is always there one way or another, testing us and making us wish we had more. Time is like a bomb, beating along with our hearts, except we can’t cut the fuse or escape. It’s tied to us and with every tickling second it’s closer to being up.

The Unforgotten Past:
A normal Saturday night was in full swing in the big city, bearing groups of troublesome teens and sweet couples. Smothered music by walls escaped from nightclubs. Loud footsteps stumbled up the street in enjoyment or intoxicated. Alcohol bottles rolled into the guttering with forgotten litter. Headlights of cars bounced off buildings as they raced down the streets while people slipped into dark alleys. Street cats meowed in song at the big moon, guarded by shadows as dogs preferred to dig in the thrash for a meal.
The night’s normal hustle and bustle seemed too many miles away to affect Patrick’s vibrant mood as he slipped out of the bar, arm out stretched behind of him to be grasped by his girlfriend Krystal. Special, secret smiles sealed their lips as they left the chaotic scene of the club in a rush, cruising down the sidewalk at their own collected pace, hand in hand. Even the drunken wreaks that lay passed out of the sidewalk or curbings could not throw the couple off the moment they were sharing together.

Krystal skipped in front of Patrick, grasping both of his strong hands tightly in reassurance. Her eyes glowed as grey as a snowy sky into this pool of mossy green ones. Pale skin burnt against each other, creating a new type of warmth inside them. Her cherry red dyed hair made her look more radiant in the light.
He squeezed her hands tightly. Grateful to have such a wonderful girl beside him.
“I had a lot of fun tonight” her voice spoke, flowing with energy and excitement.
“I’m glad” Patrick whispered to her.
He smiled, his hand slipping under her hair to cup her face, letting his thumb gently trace her perfectly shaped lips which curved into her trademark smile. She giggled and looked down at her high heel shoes as he brought his lips down on her. The blissful feeling through every kiss they shared was unlike anything they had ever once known. From their soft touches to silent moments.
He pulled away slowly, heart pining for the unique heat she caused him “You’re so amazing”.
Her pale cheeks flushed as her delicate fingers fiddled with the front of his shirt, before looking up into his eyes. A deep, cold secret lay beneath the surface of her flesh.
“Patrick, I have to tell you something” all fun and mayhem was gone from her voice which only showed seriousness.
A light breeze picked up, running it’s fingers through their hair, but also bringing a deep chill to Patrick’s soul. He couldn’t help but shiver.
“It’s another guy right?” Patrick painfully asked over a knotted stomach, hat slipping down over his eyes.
“Awww sweety” she cooed, her fingers brushing against one of his bristly sideburns “Never ever will that be the case”
He signed in relief and gave her a tight hug which she replied, before they continued on their walk along.
They had walked to the club knowing their house was just around the block, an effort time away. Sky pollution reduced the number of stars to be seen, but at least it was warm that night. Patrick squinted behind his glasses, into the distance down the road, sensing something was not at all right. No open shops or alleys lay open nearby and even with strangers walking past the street seemed too quite. A screaming alerted his suspicions followed by figures running in the distance, into their direction. Something was not at all right.
He pulled Krystal to a sudden halt, letting her eyes see what his did. The happiness complete dissolved in her features and was replaced with fear. Strangers even stopped as the screaming got louder and a car sped around the corner, revealing a man standing up through the skylight in the car, holding something that made Patrick’s stomach cramp. Almost at once two gunshots broke the silence with a deafening crack, resulting in two of the four figures running to fall to the ground and hysterical screaming to go into play.
Shell shock hit everyone on the street. Eyes wide in fright and mouths gasped in silent screams.
Krystal covered her mouth in horror, smothering anything she could have screamed. Terror had struck Patrick, but adrenaline hit his brain like brain freeze. He knew they had to run.
He grabbed Krystal’s arm and dragged her along after him at a run, needing to find the nearest alley or open door. His mind was screaming in warning as their feet pounded against the pavement. Krystal kicked off her shoes, freely keeping up with his pace as the strangers rushed around them like ants in rain. Patrick’s eyes briefly flashed to his beautiful other, her cheeks running raw with tears.
The cars motor roared as a gunshot exploded so close, Patrick’s heart almost stopped in terror. They were going to be okay. They had to. She had to. The next gunshot that made Patrick jump revealed a hideous scream from Krystal. Her grip broke as she slammed like a falling tree into the ground, letting out another scream as a second shot hit her. Her screams were murder to Patrick, panic choking him as he spun around and dropped to his knees over her gasping body. He couldn’t tell which was more painful. The screams of his dying girlfriend that pierced his ears, or the three bullets that pierced his skin.
His mind reeled in so much agony his body just wanted to curl up and die, but he wasn’t going to let that happen. Krystal needed help. His hands fumbled over the gunshot to her side, his eyes dangerously flickering over the blood seeping from her head and over the sidewalk. This wasn’t happening. Where was he shot? Two in his arms and one in his stomach.
Screams came from his gritted teeth as tears poured from her eyes. One hand was grasping his stomach, blood slipping through his fingers. The other trying to put pressure on her wound.
The cries around them were spinning and becoming fuzzy to their ears. The words “CALL 911. WE NEED AMBULANCES NOW” seemed to repeat themselves so many times, Patrick started to feel violently ill. The pain burnt his whole body as him lava was thrown on him. His blood slowly seeping through his clothes.
“Krystal sweety, just stay with me please” Patrick cried through a voice of agony and loss of breath as he stroked her blood soaked hair.
“You’re in worse shape” she croaked, blood spewing from her mouth as she coughed “Patrick don’t leave, please”.

“No…” Patrick whispered to her “I’m not going anyway” he cried out as he tried to bend closer to her.
“I love you” she whispered.
“Don’t…” Patrick pleaded, his voice cracking through tears, blood slipping past his lips.
Her blood drenched hand grazed his face with blood streaks as she grabbed a hunk of his long strawberry blonde hair and pulled him to her lips. The kiss they shared at that moment was unlike anything Patrick had ever shared with her. The pain was mixing with another making him numb and heavy. The salty taste of their blood in their cold mouths was over powered with an intense burning sensation that ran through Patrick’s mouth and down his throat like swallowing gasoline. Patrick grabbed Krystal, hugging her tightly, nails digging into her shoulders, eyes streaming violently as her lips seemed to melt against his from the burn. The kiss was felt so deep it was if his soul was being kissed with flames, making his chest burn and breathing excruciating.

There’s no other way came a strong whisper. YOU have to.
The pain was getting beyond too much for Patrick as his hands began to tremble. He closed his eyes tightly wanting whatever was happening to end. Bright yellow lights burnt his vision through closed eyes, blinding him.

This is death.
Suddenly the kiss broke and Patrick screamed as pain slammed into him like a brick to the head. His head wanted to explode. His lips felt torn and bled while his eyes were still semi blinded by the light. The pain stabbed him deep, causing him to collapse on the sidewalk.
The last image to fill Patrick’s helpless, ruined vision was a perfect image of a white glow and a yellow glow surrounding what looked like Krystal as she touched Patrick’s heart with a glowing yellow hand and kissed his eyelids before disappearing into the white glow.



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